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DIY super hero tools Miraculous Ladybug | How to make Mayura's Hand Fan peacock Miraculous

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Hi friends! after many requests, here is the Mayura’s Hand fan tutorial
The Hand Fan is the tool of the Peacock Miraculous.
The current owner of the Hand Fan is Gabriel Agreste, who uses it as the villain Shadow Moth.
It was occasionally used by Nathalie Sancoeur when she used the Peacock Miraculous to become Mayura.
The fan is comprised of eighteen blue peacock feathers. The barbs of each feather’s shaft have been mostly stripped away, leaving only the eye of the feather. The eye is dark blue with a light pink spot in the middle. The top edging of each feather includes small white cotton feathers.
The white feathers on the fan can be plucked to be turned into an Amok by Amokization. These feathers can be magically directed to a target over a distance, but otherwise have the same physical properties as normal feathers. The fan can also be used to speak to other Miraculous holders
Print the template here: https://elmundodeisa.com/diy-abanico-de-mayura-hand-fan-tutorial/
some materials that I have used:
feathers: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9vA1OH
my scissors: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ANChrr
fishing line: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9HBuwZ
wire: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9R8W5P
my books:
manualidades de unicornio: https://goo.gl/iBRcVo
manualidades de sirena: https://www.amazon.es/Mermaid-Crafts-Magical-Projects-Deep/dp/1631584111
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Hi, I’m Isa to make Mayura’s fan, I’ve made some templates to print on thick paper, I use 250g paper, you have to print 10 sheets of colored feathers, the templates are in the description of the video and on my blog www.elmundodeisa.com now we have to cut all 40 feathers (it will be a long job) I love these scissors, they cut very well yuju, I cut the first feather, there are only 39 of this page left you just need to print a copy I will draw the outline on cereal box cardboard se they need 20 pieces Mayura’s fan is made up of 20 peacock feathers but they look like spoons to me haha ​​do you think the same as me? this craft made me cut too much i already have the 20 cereal box cutouts i need each pen to be stiff so i am going to white glue the cardboard and a colored pen i do the same with the 20 cardboards the white glue usually moistens the paper and this one deforms, so it must dry with weight on it you can use the books that I wrote, for example the one on unicorn crafts or the one on mermaid crafts do you have any of my books? after 2 hours it is already dry and rigid so I will start decorating I bought these feathers on Aliexpress (I wrote the link to the store in the description) feathers are placed around the outline as I indicate this time I need a glue that does not provide moisture like hot silicone I think it will be a nice fan, I love the peacock design then I use silicone for crafts because it dries quickly and adds almost no moisture, it also allows me to manipulate without burning I try to get the edges to join perfectly I use this paper to remove excess glue without staining the print I press little by little around the perfect contour and there are only 19 more left here you can see the 20 finished pens it’s time to form the fan I’m going to make a small hole in the center from the pink oval this is a wire for jewelry, I also added the link to the description now that all the feathers went through the wire, I’m going to close it with a wire clip i will use clear fishing line to attach each of the peacock feathers first i tie one end with several very tight knots i use a needle to pierce the cardboard the next thing is to pass the thread through each of the feathers i have only pierced until the penultimate feather and for the moment I leave the last one for later I place the whole fan to cut the thread to the exact length I pierce the last feather from behind and take the needle out between the cardboard so that a hole is not visible after placing it in its place the last feather, it is time to cut the thread and knot several times to finish I will fix the thread with glue so that the fan opens evenly I put each feather in its place and put a small drop of super glue in the hole the fan is finished Let’s see if it looks like the one in the series , what do you think? I got it? thanks for watching

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