Saturday , February 4 2023

How to use ChatGPT on Discord – AI Chatbot Tutorial

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I added ChatGPT to Discord. This is possible by creating a Discord Bot and integrating the AI into the API provided by OpenAI and Discord.

⭐ ChatGPT Discord Chat Bot Starter Kit: ⭐

Full Version Features 👆:
– Chat History (like ChatGPT with Message History)
– ChatGPT is typing notification
– Better prompt engineering
– Tagging and custom text triggers

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – ChatGPT Discord Starter Kit
00:47 – Node JS Setup
01:23 – Discord Setup
01:39 – Create Discord Bot
02:42 – Discord Token Configuration
03:21 – Discord Authorization
04:09 – JavaScript Initialization of Discord and OpenAI
05:48 – Discord Bot Message Reply
06:43 – Testing Discord Chatbot
07:21 – Configuring Chatbot
07:58 – OpenAI API Key
08:55 – Adding OpenAI to Discord Message Replies
09:39 – Prompt Engineering ChatGPT Message for Discord
10:27 – Message Reply to users with ChatGPT
10:56 – Testing Discord ChatGPT Chatbot
11:19 – Conclusion

This is one of a series of Chat GPT videos I’m doing about Open AI and how to create chat bot integration. If this chatbot tutorial for discord helped, let me know, and if you have other ideas for integration like using midjourney or DALLE, add it in the comments. Thanks for all the support on the channel!

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